Jelena Bondt is a fashion and costume designer with a big interest in film and photography. She often bases her work on a certain thought, feeling or emotion, on a fear (fear of death, fear of loss, fear of loneliness, fear of growing up) or the feeling of wanting to keep things close by collecting or hoarding.

She practices photography and makes films based on a lot of these same concepts.

Full portfolio upon request

In Development

Fashion designer and seamstress The New Studio

Costume design Binary Love directed by Wijnand Groenen

Costume design intern with Rebekka Wörmann


Costume designer - De inspecteur for Tuintheater directed by Stephen Liebman

Workshop embroidery - Krachtige Stemmen '76 at De Doelen Studio

Featured film maker - The Leap Rotterdams Open Doek

Costume design assistant - Stille Zonde for Altstadt (assistant to Rebekka Wörmann)

Featured designer - Fashion in Flux at Het nieuwe instituut

Nominated with The Leap for Fashion Film Festival Amsterdam

Costume design assistant - Panic Room directed by Floor Houwink ten Cate (assistant to Rebekka Wörmann)

Costume design assistant - Wachten op Godot directed by Erik Whien (assistant to Rebekka Wörmann)

Costume design assistant - Versus directed by Casper Vandeputte (assistant to Rebekka Wörmann)

Featured designer - Radiant Rebels at Hotel Arena Amsterdam by Dayenne Bekker


Art director and costume design assistant - Forget All You Know (About Aliens) directed by Mirella Muroni

Commisioned textile tapestry artwork - Forget All You Know (About Aliens) directed by Mirella Muroni

Co-director and fashion/costume designer fashion film - The Leap for FashionClash Festival

Setdesign assistant - The Salon/ Together & Dedicated x Mozilla Festival

Featured designer - We're Next Prague

Featured film maker - Of jij ook bang bent Rotterdams Open Doek 

Graduated with honours BA ArtEZ Fashion Design


Studio Intern Richert Beil


Fashion Portfolio intermediate course Central Saint Martins


Art & Design Preparatory Programme ArtEZ

Full CV upon request