"Levensloop (een drieluik)"

pre-collection 2022/2023

 January 2023 

Photography by Yana Engelbrecht


"Wie nimmer het nest verlaat, zal nooit weten of hij kan vliegen."

Graduation collection 2022/2023

ArtEZ Bachelor Graduation show 02-06-2023 

Photography by Team Peter Stichter

“Wie nimmer het nest verlaat…” is a collection inspired by a lifetime.

From little boy to young adult to fatherhood. Jelena Bondt wanted to capture a lifetime in this collection to preserve it.

The collection is inspired by her father.

She started of this collection with the short documentary film "Of jij ook bang bent" about her fear of her father’s death. Bondt's father was always a lot older than other children’s dads and they called him her grandpa, which made his death feel much closer to her. She covered the theme of death with the film, so she wanted to dedicate her collection to his life instead.

The garments all are in reference to him.

Memories add a lot of value to a garment. Her clothes are meant to be worn and preserved from generation to generation. They can be altered to the taste and changing sizes of the generations to come.

A trilogy of videos to show the collection in movement

Collection shown at

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